“Stand by to pull me out of the seat if I get hit!”

dam busters poster

If you live in the UK and can receive Channel 5, you may like to know that it is showing The Dam Busters again this afternoon. TV screenings of the film usually lead to a spike of new visitors to this blog, so I’d like to welcome you if you have turned up here for the first time as a result of watching it.
The purpose of this blog is to keep people up to date with Dambusters news – information about who took part in the raid, news of commemorative events (the 70th anniversary took place in May 2013) and other bits and pieces, such as the very slow progress on the remake of the original film. This is in the hands of Peter Jackson, of Hobbit fame, and will apparently be proceeding when this series of three films have been concluded. (See this series of posts for an update.)
You might like to know that we are about halfway through a series of profiles of each of the 133 aircrew who took part in the raid. (The full list can be found here and you can see photographs of each of them in this pictureboard, assembled by the BBC with help from this blog.)
If you want to subscribe to the blog, there’s a button further down the page. Or you can get a link to updates by following us on Twitter, @DambustersBlog – if that’s your thing.

2 thoughts on ““Stand by to pull me out of the seat if I get hit!”

  1. Iain Maclean January 1, 2014 / 3:10 pm

    Happy new year Charles, keep up the good work!!


  2. brideehan@aol.com January 1, 2014 / 4:45 pm

    Dear Charles,

    Please accept my thanks for the exceptional work you do for this blog. Since my interest in the dambusters has increased over the last few years I continue to be astounded by what they and their other warrior colleagues during WW2 selflessly did. Truly a golden generation.

    Kind regards and best wishes for 2014

    Brian DEEHAN

    Sent from my iPad


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