Great new publication

At a time when so much stuff about the Dams Raid is simply the recycling of old material (and often inaccurate old material at that) it’s great to be able to say that this new publication,  Breaching the German Dams from the RAF Museum comes up with real new information. As it is written by two genuine experts, Richard Morris and Robert Owen, you would expect nothing less. For the bargain price of six quid you get 80 A4 pages containing a number of articles: inter alia, family memories of Barnes Wallis, Roald Dahl and the film script that never was, how the crews were trained, how the Lancasters were modified, how Gibson was selected as the operation leader (including the daring suggestion that he might have been the only available candidate!), possible uses of Upkeep later in the war, and the final Operation Guzzle (you’ll have to read it to find out what that was all about). Order it now from the RAF Museum!