The Dams Raid in infographic form

RAF infographic

There’s an interesting ‘infographic’ on the RAF’s series of pages about the Dams Raid (Operation Chastise). Very simple presentation, but that’s what good information design is about. I’ve reproduced it in thumbnail form above, but it would make a useful wallchart if it could be printed at a large size. Something for the shops at Hendon and Cosford, perhaps?
Incidentally, the RAF’s own summary of the raid is an excellent article, with plenty of detail.
And, even more fun for Twitter-fiends everywhere, the signals sent to and from the 19 Lancasters on Operation Chastise are being re-created as a Twitter feed in real time on the night of 16 May. However, you will have to stay up most of the night if you want to follow these, as the last aircraft landed at Scampton at 0615 the next morning,

Normal service

More than a month since the last post!

Things have been very busy at Dambuster Towers, which is why nothing has been appearing here. But I have a backlog of interesting material to write about, including some book reviews, and some exciting news about forthcoming events.

So please keep checking back, and I promise that things will soon be back to normal.