Change of plan!

Update from Wickhambreaux, Kent, 2.30pm, Friday 9 September.

It’s a fine dry afternoon here, with the weather a bit cloudy, but apparently the forecast for this weekend is for high winds. The BBMF have just contacted me to say that all flying for this weekend has been cancelled. This means that the Lancaster flyover planned for tomorrow (Saturday) has been called off. The aircraft is currently at Manston — 20 or so miles away — and it is likely to fly over us here late this afternoon, so local people will be able to see it. I will post some pictures on the blog as soon as I have them.

However, we are going ahead with the exhibition opening followed by the ceremony at David Maltby’s graveside. If you have made plans to come here, please do. Local children have been tidying the grave, and a large local crowd is expected. The families of several of David Maltby’s crew will be here and it will be a great tribute to them.

Second update: 6.00pm

We’ve just had three passes by the BBMF Lancaster – see the picture below.

One thought on “Change of plan!

  1. Stephen Geoffrey Rose September 10, 2011 / 7:00 pm

    Sad that PA474 did not appear but the service was moving and beautifully conducted, the exhibition too was very good and well presented
    As someone with a lifelong intrest in this chapter in our history I was pleased along with my brother and his son to be there today. It was by chance that we heard about the event as we are not local to the area. After a family wedding on Saturday the service was a sobering moment and a contrast of course. All three of us felt privilaged to attend and talk with some of the distinguisherd persons and family members attending. Whatever modern teachings try to tell us about the achivement of ‘Chastise’ and all thos souls it remains one of the most siignificant actions of bravery, ingenuity and audacity of any side in the whole conflict and the special training and expertise that 617 developed was put to effective use on other major operations. No one should foget the sacrifice and achievments of these brave crews. SG Rose [Cuxton, Kent] (& on behalf also of AJ Rose [Rainham, Kent] and DA Rose [Iwade Kent]

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