One for the diary

Coming to a TV screen near you sometime in the autumn is a new production from BBC North and BBC Lincolnshire. This features actor Martin Shaw, sometime screen heartthrob Raymond Doyle, as he pilots a light aircraft over the route to the dams and tries out the technology used 67 years ago. It focuses mainly on how well the wooden bombsight and other instruments used at the time stand up today. We are promised new evidence ‘which reveals secrets which have remained hidden for the last 67 years’. It will be interesting to find out what this is!
Full transmission details will be posted shortly.
Video trailer for the programme here.

2 thoughts on “One for the diary

  1. Derek Fisher June 2, 2013 / 9:02 pm

    One of my old schoolmates was a rear gunner in one of the Lancasters, at 19 years old he never returned, Richard ( Dickie ) Bolitho. His mum and dad used to run a fruit 7 veg shop in Kimberley, Nottingham. Ironically I served as Sgt. wireless op in the Royal Signals in Jerusalem and my 8 month old daughter was taken seriously January 1947 and I flew home from Cairo in a Lancaster. Took us 8 days as all the airfields in the UK were snowed up and there wasn’t anywhere to land. If Martin wants to get in touch feel free I would be delighted. I will be 87 in August

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