67 years on

This year, 2010, 16 May will fall on a Sunday. On another Sunday 16 May, in 1943, 133 aircrew in 19 Lancaster aircraft took off from RAF Scampton on what would prove to be the RAF’s most famous bombing operation of the Second World War, the attack on the dams of the Ruhr. Two of the targets were breached and many millions of gallons of water were discharged, causing mayhem in the area and disrupting the German war machine for many months.
However, the cost in lives was very high. On the ground, 1,341 people died – troops defending the dams, civilians living nearby, prisoners working in forced labour camps. Of the aircraft that took part, eight did not return and 53 of their crews died. The other three were captured.
On this 67th anniversary of the raid, we show pictures of the gravestones of six of the pilots and links to pictures of their crews.
Thanks to Lyndon Harper for the use of his pictures.
Flt Lt Bill Astell, buried Reichswald Forest War Cemetery
Flt Lt Norm Barlow, buried Reichswald Forest War Cemetery
Plt Off Lewis Burpee, buried Bergen op Zoom War Cemetery
Flt Lt John Hopgood, buried Rheinberg War Cemetery
Sqn Ldr Henry Maudslay, buried Reichswald Forest War Cemetery
Plt Off Warner Ottley, buried Reichswald Forest War Cemetery
The other members of these crews can be seen in a post on the WW2Talk Forum, as below:
I do not, at present, have access to any pictures of the graves of Sqn Ldr Melvin Young and his crew, who are all buried together in Bergen General Cemetery in Holland. Anyone who can help me with pictures is asked to contact me.
Plt Off Vernon Byers’s aircraft was shot down in the Waddenzee area off the coast of Holland. Of this crew, the only body recovered was that of the rear gunner, Sgt James McDowell, and he is buried in Harlingen General Cemetery in Holland. I would also welcome any pictures of his grave.

3 thoughts on “67 years on

  1. Chris Moseley May 22, 2010 / 1:23 am

    Thanks for putting up this web tribute to the men of 617 Squadron. These men have been my heroes since I was a boy. As Guy Gibson wrote in the preface to Enemy Coast Ahead, let us never, never forget them.

    – C. Moseley
    Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

  2. Mike taylor February 13, 2014 / 6:11 am

    Thank you for keeping this website. Flt. Sgt. James McDowell was my grandfather. Any idea where I can find info on what he did prior to becoming a member of 617 squadron? His wife, Dorothy passed away a few years ago. She was 95.


    • James F. McDowell November 10, 2014 / 2:02 am

      My name is James F McDowell. I was named after your grandfather I am his brother John’s son , I don’t think we ever met, I sure would like to talk to you. Call me (902 485 57220)

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