Jackson speaks: Dam Busters remake to start shooting in 2010

Here’s a great seasonal present for all Dambuster film fans. Speaking on Campbell Live, a New Zealand TV show, on Monday 14 December Peter Jackson confirmed that the remake is going ahead, and that shooting is likely to start sometime next year. He is a busy man, and the bulk of the TV interview was about his newest release, The Lovely Bones, which has just concluded a series of premieres around the globe. Also on his studio’s horizon is The Hobbit, with Ian MacKellen lined up to play a role. But towards the end of the interview he said “if all goes well we’ll be shooting Dambusters in 2010″, and confirmed that ten full size Lancaster models are currently in a warehouse in Wellington.
As the moderator of NZ’s foremost aviation forum, Dave Homewood, has pointed out this interview should dispel any doubts that the project has been put on permanent hold: “Maybe you guys aren’t getting the full gen up-over” are his exact words. Thanks, Dave!

5 thoughts on “Jackson speaks: Dam Busters remake to start shooting in 2010

  1. sheila watt September 18, 2010 / 7:22 pm

    so delighted to hear of remake cannot wait for it to come out every success as you all venture out in filming
    now there is a book called THE SHETLAND BUS aND would that make a great film what a true story to tell like the DAMBUSTERS brave people sometimes i think we have short memories of what these men and women did so we might be freeTODAY thank you Sheila would there be anybody out there remotely interested ? even the title is brilliant

  2. Matt George April 7, 2011 / 9:31 am

    I can not stress enough how important a remake of the Dambusters film is, and how much it should be accurate, looking at history teaches us to move forward. Trying to keep the attention of 3rd grade history students with an old black & white film with dodgy effects, even though its a classic would be hard enough in this day. Having Peter Jackson remake this film is just fantastic, with new effects and new information de-classified, I for one will be one of thousands queuing to see the film when released. Never forget the past, its the foundation of who we are, its the strength towards our future.

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