Barnes Wallis exhibition in Goole

Should you find yourself in the East Riding town of Goole in the next few weeks (and why wouldn’t you want to go there?) then head on down to Goole Museum and take a look at the free exhibition about the work of Barnes Wallis, which opens today. As the press release explains, Wallis was responsible for many other invention, often overlooked, beside the so-called ‘bouncing bomb’:

Widely celebrated for his wartime work on the Wellington bomber and the so-called ‘bouncing bomb’ used on the ‘Dambusters’ raid on the Ruhr dams, his other successes have often been overlooked.  During the mid-1920s, Barnes Wallis was based at Howden, working on the successful R100 airship project there. The Yorkshire Howden connection is the starting point for this exhibition, which also covers not only his military work, but his subsequent investigations into supersonic flight, and projects as diverse as the Parkes Telescope in Australia, de-icing systems for Arctic trawlers, and lightweight calipers for polio victims.

The exhibition runs until the end of January – an ideal day trip for the holiday season!


One thought on “Barnes Wallis exhibition in Goole

  1. Anthony (Tony) Knight January 6, 2017 / 3:38 pm

    I can’t really see everything close up but what I see is an excellent montage of some of the Dambuster story.Well done to everyone who produced it, excellent.

    I would correct one thing and that is the photograph showing the children on the terrace of their home in Effingham “experimenting” with the marbles is an actual photograph and not from the film. I believe the gentleman in the background is the family doctor.

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