Now it’s Nigsy

I’m somewhat reluctant to bring you information gleaned from what Alan Partridge once dubbed “arguably the best newspaper in the world” but it would appear that the dog that was once going to be called Nidge is now going to be called Nigsy. Somehow I don’t think this will satisfy some people. Expect further protests along the lines of “it’s all the fault of the PC Brigade”.

One thought on “Now it’s Nigsy

  1. dr bollocks May 26, 2009 / 1:22 pm

    I watched the original Dambusters on TCM (in Florida) last night with anticipation as to how they would deal with the problem of the dog’s name. To their credit…they did nothing. His original true name is used throughout. Quite right too in my opinion. I realise the term is offensive to many, but should only be so if used in a certain context. Today I agree it would be irresponsible to name a dog so… but this is a historical fact and should remain untouched.

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