Special badge for Johnny’s centenary to benefit RAFBF

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Guest post by Josh Rowles

Today is a very special day for my dear friend Johnny. He has turned 100 years old! He is living his best life and has insisted that for triple figures, he didn’t want a big gift. For his 98th birthday, I presented Johnny with a picture book full of events we had hosted together, which he treasures. For his 100th, I felt I couldn’t top that!

Whilst chatting to Johnny’s daughter Jenny, we established he had enough booze for another 100 years so an alternative idea would be to raise some money for the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund (RAFBF) through the production of some special badges, designed for his birthday.

I have personally designed and, with the approval of Jenny and the RAFBF, I have had 100 limited edition large patches made but also a batch of smaller badges. All of the profits will go to the RAFBF.

For the large badge, it will come boxed with a ‘certificate’ I designed, signed by the RAFBF and myself stating the patch number. This is priced at £25 minimum donation (+P&P). The smaller standalone unboxed badge is £10 minimum donation (+P&P). Donations beyond these prices are of course welcomed.

I will be looking to put these badges on eBay soon, but wanted to offer these out to friends and readers of the Dambusters Blog beforehand in case anyone would like some. If you would, please drop me an email on johnny100years@gmail.com with what you’d like and I will send you payment details. (First come first served! These are limited editions.)

Pictured below: Johnny Johnson and Josh Rowles.

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2 thoughts on “Special badge for Johnny’s centenary to benefit RAFBF

  1. Steve Ross December 23, 2021 / 3:12 pm

    I recently received my patch and certificate — #72 — and when it’s mounted in the elegance it deserves, will be displayed in my work room along with the print of T-for-Terry dropping its bomb at the Sorpe. Thanks, Mr. Johnny and Mr. Josh for the opportunity to grasp a small part of the heroic, historic Dams Op by 617 Squadron. Merry Christmas and a peaceful 2022 to all from the USA!

  2. Erik January 9, 2022 / 5:00 pm

    Received my (small) badge in the Netherlands. Will be displayed next to nice print signed by Sqdr Ldr Johnny and David Shannon signed book The Dambusters and copy of Wng Cdr Guy Gibson. Many Thanks Josh!, Erik

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