Garshowitz and Garbas parents meet at Dam Busters screening

Pics: Garshowitz family

I’ve written before about the pre-war friendship of two young men from Hamilton, Ontario, Albert Garshowitz and Frank Garbas, who died together on the Dams Raid. They joined the RCAF separately, but met in England in the latter stages of training and were both in Bill Astell’s crew in AJ-B. On the flight to the Möhne Dam, the aircraft crashed near Marbeck after hitting a pylon, and all on board were killed.

Here is evidence of how their families bonded in the sad aftermath of the war, in two items kindly supplied by Hartley Garshowitz, Albert’s nephew. They show, as the newspaper caption says, both of Albert’s parents and Frank’s father at a cinema screening of the 1955 film.


2 thoughts on “Garshowitz and Garbas parents meet at Dam Busters screening

  1. Shaun February 11, 2021 / 10:02 pm

    I’m sure I’ve said this before, but we spent a week in Shimla last year before lockdown and was shocked that there was no record or note of Gibson’s birth place. In fact, even the tourist boards hadn’t heard of him. I think the bungalow has been pulled down.
    Does anyone know any different?

  2. Andy Garbas April 9, 2021 / 7:19 pm

    I am so happy to see this as the photo includes my grandfather (Dziadek) Stanley Garbas. I am proud to see my last name and know that my Uncle Frank gave so much for all of us. My father Andy Garbas Sr. and Uncle frank were very close and when I read the letters shared between them from that time, I understand how lucky I am not just to be a Garbas, but how lucky we all are as Canadians because of the sacrifice of both my uncle and Mr. Garshowitz gave. Know that all the Garbas boys (my dad and uncles were ultra athletic and were potential pro athletes, my father was drafted as one of the first Canadians into the Major Leagues with the Cardinals) my Uncle frank was likely also going places. Given the options he had I admire his willingness to give to his country and go to war. God bless all who served and especially those who never returned!.

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