40s holiday snaps at the Möhne Dam

postwar 1
postwar 2
postwar 3

Blog reader Hilary George has just sent me these pictures of a relative, Kathleen George, and three other British forces personnel. They were taken at the repaired Möhne Dam after the war. The tops of the towers have been removed, so this was probably taken about 1945 or maybe even as late as 1947, and before the towers were rebuilt.
The third shot shows the group sitting on the remains of the powerhouse destroyed by John Hopgood’s bomb which bounced over the dam. The outline of the repaired breach can be seen, as well as the supports and netting installed by the Germans to defend the dam after it was rebuilt in 1943.
The pictures could well have been taken during a R&R period by occupying British forces stationed in Germany after the war. The smartness of the battledress, polished shoes and relaxed expressions suggests this. Judging by the number of figures in the background, it was already quite a tourist attraction.
The George family don’t know the identity of the three men in the pictures. If you know who they are or have any further information about the pictures, please get in touch.

[Thanks to Robert Owen for help with this.]

One thought on “40s holiday snaps at the Möhne Dam

  1. priscilla August 31, 2016 / 2:29 pm

    wow, fantastic photos

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