Gibson hands out the prizes

gibson ball lores

Guy Gibson striding out purposefully. The gentleman in the bowler hat is Sir Albert Ball. [Pic: 49 Sqn Association]

After the Dams Raid, many 617 Squadron personnel, and particularly its Commanding Officer, were prevailed on to attend various functions. This photo was taken on one such occasion, a visit to Nottingham on Saturday 10 July 1943 to present the ‘Albert Ball VC’ Memorial Sword to the best ATC cadet plus other prizes of merit. Sir Albert Ball had presented the Sword of Honour to the ATC in memory of his late son, the First World War RFC pilot who won the VC after his fatal last flight in 1917, when he was shot down, possibly by the younger brother of the Red Baron, Lothar von Richthofen. Guy Gibson also presented an Efficiency Cup to an ATC Officer.  The location is Trent Lane ATC HQ.

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