Channel 4: Mission to confuse


Channel 4 programming bods have come up with what sounds a very confusing documentary, The Dambusters Great Escape –Secret History, to be aired tonight at 8pm UK time.
Can’t imagine what the thinking is behind this, because the subject is about the operation which finally sank the German battleship the Tirpitz, in November 1943 1944, which had nothing to do with the Great Escape. On this raid, the Dambusters, in the shape of 617 Squadron, were accompanied by another Lancaster squadron, 9 Squadron, also armed with Tallboy bombs.
However, the programme is presented by the completely sane Patrick Bishop, the distinguished author of Bomber Boys and other great books, so we can only hope that the bonkers title won’t reflect what should be a lucid presentation of interesting content.


2 thoughts on “Channel 4: Mission to confuse

  1. sheldi March 30, 2014 / 8:33 pm

    I wonder the Great Escape to which they refer is actually the aircrew’s great escape from a difficult mission …

  2. Dick Budgen March 30, 2014 / 9:26 pm

    It was an interesting programme, although I’m not entirely convinced by the conclusion that a friendly German radar officer deliberately delayed alerting nearby fighters to the attack. Some nice interviews with 617 and 9 Sq aircrew (including the late Tony Iveson) though.

    And the title (no doubt dreamed up by a TV executive) is just cashing in on the Great Escape Anniversary.

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