Bouncing bomb reaches US screens

If you haven’t yet caught up with the Windfall Films documentary Building the Bouncing Bomb, screened last May in the UK and later in Canada, you now have a chance to see it, if you live in the USA. It’s being screened on PBS’s Nova documentary channel on Wednesday 11 January at 9pm (not sure which time zone that applies to). The title has been changed to Bombing Hitler’s Dams.

The background to the documentary was extensively covered in this blog at the time it was shot, in October 2010, and when it was released in the UK, in May 2011. Go back to the posts from those two months if you want further information.

My favourite picture from that time is the shot of Dambuster Grant MacDonald (rear gunner in Ken Brown’s AJ-F) visiting the site of the shoot. Here it is again!

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