Dambusters down under

This picture is from correspondent Fred Wild, who took it when passing through the delightfully named Warrnambool in Victoria, Australia.

Fred tried to find out more about the owner who is obviously a bit of a Dambusters fan, but so far has not come up with any information. Anyone who can help can contact him through this site.

3 thoughts on “Dambusters down under

  1. Alan August 31, 2012 / 4:24 am

    Hi Fred, I am curious about this house with the ‘ Dambuster ‘ image. I wondered if it might be the home of flt/sgt Robert Kellow, wireless op on Lanc N-for Nut ?

  2. Graeme Jensen May 8, 2013 / 10:21 am

    Hi Alan, why do you think this could be Kellow’s house? I am doing an article on him and Jack Leggo which I hope to have published in the Newcastle Herald as they both came from Newcastle. I have established that he returned to Newcastle after he was demobilised but the trail ends there.
    Do you know that he moved to Victoria?


  3. Joe Walker April 26, 2014 / 4:38 am

    The house belonged to Syd Pope, I to was intrigued when passing, so I went in and spoke to Syd. charming gentleman, in his late 80’s when I talked to him in 2006. He had enlisted in the RAAF in 1941 I think, trained as a w/t operator air gunner, was shipped to the UK and served with 514 Sqn flying Lancaster Mk II”s of which he was very proud because they were radial engined Lanc’s. Syd was kind enough to show me his logbooks, it was amazing to see where he had flown over Europe (Cologne, Kiel, Essen etc.) also dropping food supplies to Dutch civilians in 1945.


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