Something he forgot to mention?

NZ film mogul Peter Jackson gave an interview to local newspaper The Dominion Post last week, talking about his favourite First World War movies. He told the interviewer about his long term plans to make a film about the Gallipoli campaign, a subject which is close to the hearts of both Kiwis and Aussies, and also mentioned that progress was being made ‘untangling’ the situation with The Hobbitt, which is bogged down in the financial turmoil surrounding MGM. Even the new Tintin movie got a namecheck.
Any news on The Dam Busters, you might ask? Nope, not even an item under Any Other Business.
Sometimes reading the runes at Wingnut Studios is like trying to work out what is going on in the North Korean Communist Party. At the moment nobody outside really has a clue.
You heard it here first!

One thought on “Something he forgot to mention?

  1. mark blaylock September 6, 2010 / 4:31 pm

    Where we can all pay our respects to the brave men of Bomber Command.

    It’s time we gave something to those who gave everything
    The RAF Bomber Command Memorial will finally pay a public debt of gratitude to the 55,573 aircrew who lost their lives in World War II defending us against the oppression of the Nazis. All volunteers, they took to the skies knowing the odds they faced, but did so anyway. To raise much needed funds for this memorial, the RAF Bomber Command Time Capsule allows you to leave your personal tribute to those who gave everything for us:

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