This could be serious. Jackson denies putting Dambusters on ‘back burner’

This could be bad news, folks. In a throwaway remark in an interview with the well-respected Hollywood Reporter, Peter Jackson and his Wingnut Films colleagues apparently let it be known that the Dambusters remake is now on the back burner, ‘fearing it might be “too English.” The (British) Independent’s LA correspondent, Guy Adams, has picked up on this serious news today and elicited a further comment from a Jackson spokesman:

Peter Jackson’s spokesman just returned my call. The film remains “in development,” but does not have a date to begin shooting. Mr Jackson denies saying that the Dambusters story was “too English” in his Hollywood Reporter interview. Instead he claims to have described it as “very English.”

Too English? Very English? Nearly a third of the aircrew who took part in the Dams raid were not British citizens, and Jackson himself is supposed to be consulting the last of the pilots left alive, his fellow Kiwi Les Munro.

This could be serious – or it could just be a way of pushing things back in the schedule a year or two.

(Hat tip George!)

One thought on “This could be serious. Jackson denies putting Dambusters on ‘back burner’

  1. Iain Ramsay January 13, 2011 / 1:17 pm

    i think peter jackson. is full of shit and should leave the . film alone .and should not tremake it

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