Recollecting Reculver

The Herne Bay Cultural Trail got off to a rocky start last autumn with controversy about a poorly-worded plaque describing the Dams Raid as ‘infamous’. The plaque had been placed on a new statue of Barnes Wallis, erected overlooking the Reculver area, where trials of the ‘Upkeep’ weapon were carried out in May 1943. The wording has now been amended, and the rest of the Cultural Trail is nearly complete. One of the items will be a large mural depicting the trials. This can’t yet be seen on the Trail’s own website, but the work in progress is shown on that of the artist, Penny Bearman. 
I mentioned this BBC Radio Kent programme back in May last year, but it seems a good place to link to it again. It’s a first hand account of the Reculver trials, as witnessed by two boys who sneaked up onto the sand dunes.

One thought on “Recollecting Reculver

  1. Mike Carter August 9, 2010 / 9:56 am

    Saw the statue overlooking Reculver, saw it in June in the midst of a howling gale. It is fantastic and then we headed to reculver to look at the beach. Does not appear to have changed much. Just fantastic, all kids in the UK should be made to go and see this to appreciate the genius of design and bravery of delivery.

    Yes I do have a black Labrador as well, called Biggles…

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