Unsung heroes

This article about the man, C H Wood, who supplied night-flying simulation equipment for the Dams Raid, made me think about the dozens of other people, besides Barnes Wallis’s staff and RAF groundcrew, who were involved in Operation Chastise. Roy Chadwick and the Avro staff, for one, Wg Cdr Dann and his bombsight, for another. There were more, and I’d be grateful for any suggestions as to who else deserves credit. The article in the Ilkley Gazette is over a year old, which makes me hope that David Wood has found a satisfactory home for his father’s material.


One thought on “Unsung heroes

  1. David Wood November 17, 2008 / 2:59 pm

    Regarding the article about my farther C. H. WOOD. Some of my father’s material is now
    held by the Bradford Industrial Museum. I hold the rest, but would willingly offer it to a new home, where it would be of more use and accessibility to researchers.

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