Calling all Hattons!

The Wakefield Express recently ran a piece about my book, but didn’t use some of the material I had given them about the family of the late Sgt William Hatton, flight engineer in aircraft AJ-J on the Dams Raid. For the book, I tracked down relatives of all the other members of this crew, but the Hatton trail went cold. So I am repeating what I know here, in the hope that one day someone will Google the name, find this link and get in touch…

William Hatton was born on 24 March 1920 and went to Holy Trinity and Thornes House schools in the town. He was one of four children, two boys and two girls. His parents were called George and Florence Hatton. His brother was called George Hatton and his two sisters were called Ethel (born 1924) and Irene (born 1926). Ethel married Arthur Castle in June 1944, and they had a son, William David Anthony Castle, born in 1946. Irene married Donald Tait in February 1950. If anyone has any leads on this family, then please contact me.


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