Ken Brown’s boots – and other memorabilia – stolen

Important Canadian air force memorabilia was stolen in a break-in at Calgary’s Aero Space Museum last week. The thieves raided the petty cash and charity collection boxes, as well as taking items used by various RCAF personnel in both the first and second world wars. Perhaps the most valuable were the swagger stick, flying hat and log book which were once owned by a First World war pilot, Lt Tim Thompson. Of most interest to Dambuster enthusiasts were the loss of a pair of flying boots given to the museum by Ken Brown, the pilot of AJ-F on the Dams Raid. (Whether he wore them on the raid itself is not recorded.)
There is a limited market for this sort of stuff — so if any readers see anything suspicious on EB*y or other sites, they should get in touch with the authorities immediately.

UPDATE:  Someone obviously had a change of heart, as all the items have been returned anonymously! Latest report from the Calgary Sun.

One thought on “Ken Brown’s boots – and other memorabilia – stolen

  1. Liam Sowden June 28, 2010 / 1:34 am

    Hello, I Have a feeling that i may be related to KEN BROWN somehow. Does anybody know of any of his close family like his daughters or sons etc? Please email me back. cheerz liam

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