Filming The Dam Busters in Skeggie – bracing enough?

Fascinating account of a day’s filming, sometime in early 1954, on location in bracing Skegness for the famous scene in The Dam Busters where Barnes Wallis watches his mine being dropped for the first time. The article, written by a junior reporter, was published in the Skegness Standard, and the journalist himself writes an afterword, telling how he got an exclusive interview with Richard Todd who drove him back to the town. No luxury trailers or personal drivers in those days!
(NB: A link I posted last May to an earlier version of this article now seems to have vanished.)


One thought on “Filming The Dam Busters in Skeggie – bracing enough?

  1. Nik Briggs March 17, 2009 / 11:39 am

    I remember my late Father telling me about this – being taken as a kid to see it being fillmed.

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